Nvidia V100 Price – Pay More Get Better Performance

Nvidia V100 Price

Tesla V100 32GB GPUs are delivering in volume, as well as our full line of Tesla V100 GPU-accelerated systems await the brand-new GPUs. If you’re preparing a brand-new project, we would certainly enjoy aiding guide you towards the right selections.

Nvidia Tesla V100 Price Analysis

Tesla GPU ModelsDouble – Precision PerformanceDeep – Learning PerformancePrice
Tesla V100 PCI-E 16GB 7 TFLOPS 112 TFLOPS $6,988.90
Tesla V100 PCI-E 32GB 7 TFLOPS 112 TFLOPS $8,242.00

Key Points:

  1. Tesla V100 supplies a huge advance in absolute performance, in simply one year
  2. Tesla V100 PCI-E preserves comparable price/performance worth to Tesla P100 for Double Accuracy Drifting Point, yet it has a greater entrance rate
  3. Tesla V100 supplies remarkable outright efficiency & dramatic price/performance gains for AI
  4. Tesla P100 remains a reasonable price/performance GPU choice, in select situations
  5. Tesla P100 will certainly still dramatically outperform a CPU-only arrangement


From acknowledging speech to training digital personal assistants and also teaching independent cars and trucks to drive, data scientists are tackling increasingly complicated difficulties with AI. Solving these sort of issues calls for training deep discovering versions that are significantly expanding in intricacy, in a practical quantity of time.

With 640 Tensor Cores, V100 is the globe’s first GPU to break the 100 teraFLOPS (TFLOPS) barrier of deep learning efficiency. The next generation of NVIDIA NVLink links numerous V100 GPUs at approximately 300 GB/s to develop the world’s most powerful computer servers. AI models that would certainly take in weeks of calculating resources on previous systems can currently be trained in a couple of days. With this remarkable decrease in training time, a whole brand-new globe of problems will certainly currently be solvable with AI.


To attach us with the most pertinent info, services, as well as items, hyperscale firms have begun to use AI. However, staying on top of user demand is a challenging challenge. The globe’s biggest hyperscale company recently approximated that they would require to increase their data center capacity if every user spent simply three minutes a day using their speech acknowledgment service.

V100 is crafted to supply optimal efficiency in existing hyperscale server racks. With AI at its core, V100 GPU supplies 47X greater inference performance than a CPU server. This giant leap in throughput as well as efficiency will certainly make the scale-out of AI solutions useful.


HPC is a basic column of contemporary science. From anticipating weather to finding medicines to locating brand-new power resources, researchers utilize large computing systems to mimic and also anticipate our globe. AI extends conventional HPC by enabling scientists to examine huge volumes of information for fast understandings where simulation alone can not completely anticipate the real life.

V100 is engineered for the convergence of AI and HPC. It offers a platform for HPC systems to succeed at both computational scientific research for scientific simulation and data scientific research for discovering insights in information.

With this remarkable reduction in training time, an entire brand-new globe of issues will certainly now be understandable with AI.

With AI at its core, V100 GPU provides 47X higher reasoning efficiency than a CPU server. AI expands conventional HPC by allowing researchers to examine big quantities of information for fast insights where simulation alone can not completely anticipate the genuine globe.

V100 is crafted for the convergence of AI and HPC.

You’ll notice that Tesla V100 delivers an almost 50% increase in dual accuracy performance. This is crucial for many HPC codes. A range of applications has been shown to mirror this performance increase. Additionally, Tesla V100 now offers the alternative of 2X the memory of Tesla P100 16GB for memory bound workloads.
Tesla V100 can is a compelling selection for HPC work: it will usually supply the greatest outright efficiency. In the appropriate situation, a Tesla P100 can still provide reasonable price/performance.

Both Tesla P100 and also V100 GPUs should be thought about for GPU accelerated HPC clusters and also web servers. A Microway expert can aid you to assess what’s ideal for your applications and also requirements and/or supply you remote benchmarking resources.

If your goal is optimal Deep Learning efficiency, Tesla V100 is a substantial on-paper jump in performance. Tesla V100 delivers a 6X on-paper advancement.

It’s the right GPU to invest in for deep discovering efficiency if your budget plan permits you to acquire at the very least 1 Tesla V100. For the very first time, the beefy Tesla V100 GPU is engaging for not just AI Training, but AI Inference also (unlike Tesla P100).

Only an option of Deep Knowing structures is totally taking advantage of the TensorCore today. As increasingly more DL Frameworks are maximized to utilize these brand-new TensorCores as well as their instructions, the gains will certainly grow. Even prior to numerous major optimizations, many work have actually advanced 3X-4X.

There is no more SXM cost premium for Tesla V100 GPUs (and just a moderate premium for SXM-enabled host-servers). Nearly all DL applications profit considerably from the NVLink user interface from GPU: GPU; a selection of HPC applications (ex-spouse: AMBER) do today.

If you’re running DL structures, select Tesla V100 and also preferably the SXM-enabled GPUs and also servers.

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FLOPS vs Real Application Efficiency

Unless you securely understand your workload associates, we highly discourage anybody from making acquiring choices strictly based upon raw $/ FLOP calculations.

While the generalizations over-serve, application performance varies drastically from any kind of simple FLOPS estimation. Device/device bandwidth, host-device transmission capacity, GPU memory transmission capacity, code maturity, are all equivalent bars to FLOPS on recognized application efficiency.

While the above guidelines are handy, there is still a wide variety of workaround in the field. Besides screening that steers you to one GPU or another, right here are some great factors we’ve seen or encouraged consumers to utilize to make other choices:

  • Your application has actually revealed diminishing returns to advances in GPU efficiency in the past (Tesla P100 might be a price/performance choice).
  • Your budget does not allow for even a solitary Tesla V100 (choice Tesla P100, still fantastic speedups).
  • Your budget enables a server with 2 Tesla P100s, but not 2 Tesla V100s (Pick 2 Tesla P100s vs 1 Tesla V100).
  • Your application is GPU memory capacity-bound (pick Tesla V100 32GB).
  • There are workload sharing considerations (ex: liked scheduler only allocates whole GPUs).
  • Your application isn’t multi-GPU allowed (choice Tesla V100, one of the most powerful single GPU).
  • Your application is GPU memory bandwidth limited (test it, but prospective instance for Tesla P100).

You’ll discover that Tesla V100 provides a virtually 50% boost in dual precision performance. In addition, Tesla V100 now provides the alternative of 2X the memory of Tesla P100 16GB for memory bound work.
If your objective is maximum Deep Knowing performance, Tesla V100 is an enormous on-paper jump inefficiency. The dedicated TensorCores have big efficiency capacity for deep knowing applications. Tesla V100 supplies a 6X on-paper advancement.

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